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Negative Attitudes, Its Adverse Effects and Ways of Changing Them

Negative attitudes to life affects all aspects of the individuals endeavors because the individual is not ready to live and think positively. As an optimist I live everyday of my life thinking positively.

Negative Attitudes

what is positivity:

Positivity is the ability of an individual to see life in the most favorable aspect of it while I can equally say that negativity is the opposite. A negative personality underestimates everything in life.

  • He fails even before he tries.
  • He inflicts himself with fear.You fail to act .
  • You fail to gain experience
  • You fail to handle similar situations.
  • He lacks the confidence in himself.

Thereby condemning  himself deliberately in a cycle of fear.When you are condemned  in a cycle of fear, the longer this fear remains unchecked or uncontrolled the harder you have to work to break this cycle of fear.

How do you break this cycle of fear ? Hope you will feel different tomorrow? Wait until circumstances becomes less risky?.The answer is feel the fear but do it anyway Bernard shaw said;

“A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. To break the cycle of fear you have got to take Acton,you simply have to…landsliding your fears into the abyss and waxing forward and higher.The negative minded individuals are the most unsuccessful people in the world.”

Theresa Mbanefo

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